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Why I Get My Meetings Transcribed

I am a big business owner now. It wasn’t always this way but en route to my destination I realized the importance of outsourcing certain tasks. One of them was keeping the records of the business meetings with different clients. It included what was discussed and what was not; and following up on those. Even my usually competent secretary was making too many mistakes. I had to act before the human error factor would ruin my reputation.

But it was only after a faux pas that I decided to get my meetings transcribed with the help of the professional transcriptionists.

Getting my business meetings transcribed was the best thing that could have happened to my business. I got highest quality of services from the transcriptionists who were trained in the work and hence they met the deadlines easily. I got all my transcriptions mailed back to me in the form of MS Word documents and sent them to my clients. Wow, they were impressed with my professionalism!

Another benefit of getting the meetings transcribed was that I could just make actions notes in the margins. I began to give quality time to my business.

Today, my company still follows the policy of business transcription. Even if I am not present in some of the meetings, I can still get to know what was being discussed; and I encourage my colleagues to use the margin.

The best part of this was that I was not spending too much of additional money in the transcription. As I became experienced I bought bulk hours and saved on costs.

Transcription gave my business an edge over my competitors. In business, impressions are important. Imagine a proposal meeting with a client and you sending the transcript later on.

In my business it served as an edge. The client may have met more companies for proposals and may have even received better ones. However, the transcript spoke both of professionalism on my part and served as a reminder of the proposal discussed the day before. I also suspect that it was easier to forward my transcript through email to the boss. Hence I started getting more deals and my business grew.

The guest author is a client of GMR Transcription and a virtual office business owner.
As told to Beth Worthy.

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Why I Get My Meetings Transcribed
Transcribed meetings help you to determine the important points of the meeting and thus you can easily take decision according to that.

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