Why Print Dictionaries Are Far Better Than Their Online Counterparts

These days, everything’s online.

Need to find a phone number? Look online. Lost? Forget the paper map and look it up online. After all, it will be quicker, and that’s what really matters, right?

Perhaps. But then again, perhaps not. Sometimes an online resource simply can’t compare to the printed version. This is especially true when it comes to the dictionary.

Here are nine reasons why:

1. Accuracy

Anyone can set up a webpage and call it a dictionary. Printed dictionaries, on the other hand, go through rigorous editing processes, so you know the information you’re getting is accurate.

2. Reliability

What if your Wi-Fi goes down and you desperately need to look up a word while on deadline? That’s right: You’re in big trouble, unless you have your print dictionary with you.

3. Power

The Oxford Dictionary includes more than 170,000 English language words. You have the power to hold all of them in your hand at the exact same time. That’s pretty darn cool.

4. Pictures

Printed dictionaries come complete with cool little illustrations. You don’t get these online.

5. Spelling

Open your printed dictionary to any page and chances are good you’ll see at least one word you didn’t know how to spell.

6. Knowledge

Open your dictionary to any page and you’ll also see a word you never knew existed before. See? You just got smarter.

7. Memories

It’s always fun to find words you’ve forgotten about. This happens all the time when you’re using a printed dictionary.

8. Entertainment

Speaking of fun, you can get lost in a print dictionary by just looking at cool new words. It’s a great way to waste a little time.

9. Resilience

If you know how to quickly find a word in a print dictionary, you’ll always have the skill to find the right word at the right time, regardless of where you are.

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